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What Group Accident Insurance?

group accident insurance policy has the following characteristics:

  • Issued to a group of people with similar risk profile
  • Group can be formed by an employer (of employees), organisation, travel company, banks, and other service providers (for customers), etc.
  • The insurance covers the expenses and compensates the insured group members for any injury sustained in the course of their lives (except injuries obtained due to excluded causes)
  • Applies to the whole world
  • The general benefit includes the following:
    • Accidental Death
    • Medical Expenses arising out of accidents
    • Permanent total disability due to an accident
    • Permanent partial disability due to an accident

Complete health protection for your family against expensive treatment costs

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Plans for Individuals

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Advantages of Personal Accident Policy:-

Additional advantages are:

  • Substantial coverage offered with low premium
  • Double indemnity for disability for mishaps occurred while traveling in public transport
  • Easy claim process
  • Highly customized plan available
  • World wide coverage
  • Can be bought for individual & family
  • Child education advantage
  • No requirement of medical tests & documentation

What does the policy cover?

Accidental Death
Accidental death coverage gives compensation on the policyholder’s death caused by bodily injury resulting out of an accident. The nominee will receive entire sum assured offered by the insurer.
Permanent or Total Disability
If the accident causes permanent or total disability, then 100% of the sum insured is payable to the policyholder.
Accidental Dismemberment
If policyholder’s body part has been dismembered or severed in the accident then the person can claim the sum insured.
Additional Benefits
Funeral expenses can be claimed in case of accidental death. Expenses incurred for transportation of policyholder’s dead body from the accident spot to the residence place is covered.
Daily Hospitalization Expenses
Monetary relief offered to the patient on daily basis on hospitalization.
A certain amount of the policy sum is payable, when an accident results in hospitalization & the victim is being treated for burn injuries.
Some policies may offer bonuses to the dependent kids of the policyholder. This becomes helpful in case of the death of the policyholder or extension of treatment period.

Some Facts Of The Grim Picture Of Road Related Incidents:

  • About 50 % of road mishaps are of motorized vehicles, cyclists & pedestrians
  • Its reported that more than 50 million people are injured in road accidents & most of these accidents result in permanent or temporary disability
  • As per a report from WHO (World Health Organization), road related accidents cause over 1.24 million fatalities worldwide with over 90% occurring in low & middle income countries
  • According to other reports, road accidents are to become 5th leading cause of death worldwide by 2030
  • India witnesses around 145000 road accidents in a year. That makes about 207 deaths per 100000 vehiclesme 5th leading cause of death worldwide by 2030
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